Spud valley

Starting a fishing trip out to Anderson lake with a great friend and not to sure what the fish we were targeting liked. Not something you want to do. The guys down at spud valley fish and tackle were very helpful and helped us hook into the fish we had gone there to catch. Without the knowledge of the men who fish Anderson for a living we may not of been successful. Thanks spud valley.


Extreme kayak fishing beautiful British Colombia

So I went on a trip with my best friend to Anderson lake bc. Waiting for months and pre planning this epic adventure was all I could think about. BULL TROUT, the one fish I’ve never fished and never thought really much about was now really happening. On my way there the landscape and beauty of the mountains and various rivers and lakes was unbelievably gorgeous. I’m thinking wow what have I done to be able to spend time in such a remote and almost dreamy place. All I did was just go for it. Never fished bull trout and never fished out of a tandem kayak before. What a experience. The first night we showed up to this abandoned camp site, it was dark and there was nobody to be seen. I mean a bit creepy to be honest but all the less we had to pitch a tent because we were running out of daylight. Walking around the campsite we come across a site that looked perfect so it was decided this is the spot. My friend and I have not seen each other since our last adventure eight months ago, so we decide to get into a little rum which turns into a lot of rum and completely writes off the next morning. After the hangover finally leaves we decide to hit Anderson lake first thing in the morning and believe me when I got there I couldn’t believe it’s undeniable beauty.

Let’s go I said to my buddy lets catch some bull trout. Now tandem island kayaks are not that simple If there’s not a lot of wind. Didn’t know that. I thought they would push out as easy as the small mirage sport kayak made by hobe. It’s a lot more work a lot of peddling but a lot more rewarding to me when you catch something. Peddling out to the start of the lake I realized that this lake was almost a bit big for us with this kayak. Never brought me down, we start trolling for bulls dropping down what we thought was the right lure and fishing just as we expected. Trolling along talking about everything BAM we hook into one. Both of us a little shocked we scramble to put the sail in, reel in the other rod just get ready for this fish. And also try not to fall in the lake. Finally he’s in the boat and man he’s a gorgeous fish.


After all the excitement of catching that fish and everything we came out to do here it was an amazing feeling. Success. That’s all I thought,we are going to catch a ton of these fish. Now what I thought and what really happened was totally the opposite. You have to remember that bull trout are a very sensitive fish and very picky as well. You need certain speeds to troll at and certain lures according to certain times of the year also elevations, weather, time of day and a lot of other factors need to be remembered. It’s very difficult to go out and catch something you know nothing about. Every species of fish is totally different. You spend enough time and research enough about something it will pay off. The research my best friend did in that lake and fish was unbelievable he deserves the credit. Sturgeon rod is the man. We decide to switch camp grounds because of lack of interest and it wasn’t really our place. We move to another camp ground called whispering falls. What a great idea it was not creepy at all. In fact it was another reason as to why I will be going back to fish Anderson lake and stay at whispering falls for camping, great hosts there, John and Nadine, wonderful people and a great location right on gates lake. I suggest to anyone if you would like a quiet remote camp site 15-20 mins from Anderson lake that’s where you go. Great prices and wonderful company. The next morning we decide to take a break from Anderson and hit up a little lake called mosquito lake, hearing the trout population is huge there and we would catch our limits right away. Now I think at certain times of the year this is true but this time of the year the lake was in turn over and to me wasn’t a great spot. Another month from now sure may very well be. Little kayaks are welcome at mosquito. When I wasn’t in the tandem island I use a perception sit on top kayak. Perfect for rivers and small lakes. A little bit discouraged we decide to go to pemberton for a little more advice from the guys at spud valley tackle shop. Now I realize these guys are here to help us catch bull trout so we ask about the factors we weren’t so sure about and they tell us what they would use and speeds and other great tips. After leaving we decide hey it’s a bit breezy lets go back to Anderson lake and try to sail. Anderson lake is windy and we are Ecstatic! We get out there start sailing and man were moving, drop our lines and start fishing again. I’m thinking oh what a relief there is no more peddling. All of a sudden with the advice and knowledge of the guys who know this lake, BAM I get a hit. The second time were more focused and hook the fish with less disorganization. What a great feeling once again. What a gorgeous fish once again


The whole trip was and amazing experience and I owe it all to sturgeon rod for his research and time spent into it. Western canoe and kayaks for the tandem island hobe kayak and the guys at spud valley for there advice. Thanks a lot to all.

Hobe tandem island kayak

A friend and I went out fishing on a hobe tandem island kayak at Anderson lake British Columbia. This kayak is a great tool to have in the kayak fishing industry. As long as you have a steady breeze to help along the way, for trolling of bigger species of fish it’s all you need. Great sailing kayak handles very well with currents and was made for comfort. I personally have yet to try it in the ocean only bigger lakes but would not hesitate on ocean adventures. Easy to set up and easy to haul. Personally I enjoyed using the tandem island kayak and will for sure be using it again in the future.

A great thanks to western canoe and kayaks for there generosity